Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists
PO Box 24426, Little Rock, AR 72221
501-224-9018 (phone)
501-224-6489 (fax)
Laura Hawkins, Executive Director



Stanley Hill

Jodiane Tritt

Larry Boccarossa

Immediate Past President
Debra Wolfe Sheppard

Board Members

Steve Ferren
Bradley Hardin
Andy Miller
Joe Molinaro
Melissa Moody
Guy Washburn


"The Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists believes that effective government depends upon the greatest possible participation of those being governed. Such participation focuses on the legislative and executive branches where professional and citizen lobbyists drawn from every major discipline represent literally every segment of society and every sector of the economy."


The Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists 2015 Membership Directory is now available. Email Laura Hawkins to request your copy.  


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